Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Vertical Smoker

A Vertical Smoker is also known as a Hollow Smoker or SmokeBox.  It is very similar in design to a Bullet BBQ Smoker, but it usually has a much bigger grill area and can hold more meats.  These come in the same basic designs as does the Bullet BBQ Smoker.  Vertical Smokers come in a large array of sizes, from small ones like the Bullet BBQ smoker to ones that are taller than an average sized person and can hold hundreds of pounds of meat.  Many of these models also come with hanging meat hooks, so you can actually hang the meat instead of putting in on a grill.  Water pans help keep the meat moist, and can be accessed through the firebox, although some models don't have separate doors for the food and the fuel.

Tomorrow, we will be looking at what the big boy's use at the BBQ Competitions and Cookoffs, and smokers that can cost upwards of $3,000!  Hey, no one ever said  professional smoking was cheap!  Sometimes ya gotta "Go Big or Go Home!", but there are competitions still won with bullet BBQ smokers and less expensive models also. So if you just keeled over because you had an itchin' to try your hand at the pro ranks of barbecue, pick yourself up off the floor!  You don't necessarily need to but an expensive, fancy smoker.  In fact, some people actually build their own, but that is a topic for another day. Check out the rest of my All Things Barbecue Blog

Here are some of my favorite Vertical BBQ Smoker models:

Landmann 3405CLA Two Drawer-Heat Saving "Smoky Mountain" Charcoal Smoker, 524-Square Inch, Black Landmann 3405CLA Two Drawer-Heat Saving "Smoky Mountain" Charcoal Smoker, 524-Square Inch, Black
Vertical Charcoal Smoker with two easy access doors to add water and charcoal without opening cooking door. Contains 3 adjustable chrome cooking grates, heavy duty side carrying handles, and porcelain coated water pan.
Price: $129.84
List Price: $257.49 

Prago 30-Inch Outdoor Propane Vertical Smoker
Prago's 30 Inch Outdoor Propane Vertical Smoker has rotary igniter for easy start-up and fully adjustable propane fuel delivery system. External temperature gauge accurately displays the internal temperature of the smoker. Includes a cast iron wood chips/smoking box, and a fully welded, heavy gauge, black-coated steel cooking cabinet.
Price: $172.32
List Price: $239.99 

Outdoor Leisure 34168G Smoke Hollow Propane-Gas Smoker Outdoor Leisure 34168G Smoke Hollow Propane-Gas Smoker
The Smoke Hollow is packed with plenty of versatile features for smoking a wide variety of fare with ease. Multiple adjustment levels let you smoke slowly for days or turn up the heat to quickly marbleize side dishes and entrées. A cast brass burner stands up to high temperatures and long cooks. And, the smoker's porcelain-coated wood chip box resists scorching and corrosion even under extreme heat from Pecan, Hickory, White Oak, Apple, Alder and Mesquite woodchips. The water pan is also porcelain-coated to defy corrosion through years of use and fore easy cleaning. The door's magnetic latching system prevents leaks, trapping heat at a consistent level for quality smoked foods. Fitting nicely into patio corners, campers, and even car trunks for hauling to the family reunion or tailgate party, the unit measures 34 by 16 by 14 inches. And, a push-button ignition system means easy starts every time. A solid temperature gauge offers accurate cooking temperatures for easy monitoring. Two deluxe side handles make transport to and from the beach, campground, truck, patio, or deck a breeze. Best of all, assembly is a snap with easy to follow instructions and clear labels on all parts.
Price: $219.99
List Price: $219.99 

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